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A 43-year old Woman Had a Sexual Affair with Her Son's Friend ended in Prison!

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Tammy Hankins, 43, and a mother of four, was convicted for having a sexual relationship with her son's friend who happened to be a minor. The 16-year old boy confessed to the police that they had DOZENS of intimate scenes in several houses around the Lake Havasu area of Arizona, near the California state border. The woman also bought a $200 worth of water bong and a video game for the minor to keep his silence about their relationship.

The boy's father knew about the issue when his son's schoolmate called him a 'Legend,' and made him controversial. According to Hankins, she only found out that the boy is a minor when the police heard about the rumors in school and entered the scene.

Judge Derek Carlisle handled the case and sentenced the mother for 3 and a half years in prison because of a prior drug related conviction. One year is added for sexual relations case.

May this be a lesson for us know to our partner and control our urges. 

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