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A Genius College Student Made His Own Version Of Braces For His Teeth! See How He Made It!

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A 24 year old genius student from New Jersey Institute of Technology showed his talent on how to make a customized brace for his teeth.

Amos Dudley is a digital design major at his university. He said that he had braces during his junior high, but he did not wear it properly so his teeth become crooked.

He also said that he had no enough money to have a professional treatment for his teeth so he decided to have his own design of brace using his 3D printing, fabrication set up and internet source. Amos created a DIY version of the visible braces.

He saved a lot with his customized brace. From $8,000 down to $60 because he paid only for the cost of materials. Amos received a lot of requests to design braces for other people, but he refused it. He even doesn't recommend others to copy what he did.

Watch the video below to find out how creative Amos is.

Source: Danified / CNN


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