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A Shocking Result of X-Ray Of A Girl: Look What Do the Doctors See Inside of Her Belly!

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Poverty is one of the major problems in the world. Because of poverty, there are a lot of people that experiencing hunger everyday. There are scavengers in the streets that looking a food from garbages. Nevertheless, less fortunate people are straining to survive against the hardships in life.

One example is Niuniu Lian, an eight year old girl from Zhokou, Henan Province of China, suffered from malnourishement because they cannot afford to buy enough food for everyday. She almost dies because of it.

She was raised by her grandparents and when her father went home for Chinese New Year. He noticed that his daughter was very thin and getting sick all the time.

Image Credit: TNP
The young lady was brought to the hospital and the result of the x-ray shocked them all. There was a huge hairball in the girl's stomach that blocks all the food that she was eating.

Image Credit: TNP 
Image Credit: EuroPics [CEN] / TNP
Source: TNP


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