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A Very Strange Case of Pregnancy: One Mother But Two Different Fathers of Twins!

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Twins are two offsprings produced by the same pregnancy. There are two kinds of twins, one is so called "identical" or monozygotic where they can develop in one zygote and split and form two embryos and the other one is called "fraternal" or dizygotic it means that they develop from two different eggs and fertilized by two separate sperm cells.

In Hoa, Binh Province in Vietnam, a very strange case of a couple where the mother is carrying twins but two different fathers. The twins were sent to have a DNA test because the parents were wondering why the twins have very different physical appearance. One has a thick wavy hair and the other one has a thin straight hair.

The Ha Noi Centre for Genetics Analysis and Technology said that the results of the test were saying that the twins came from different sperm cells of men. It is called bi-paternal, having two different fathers, but only one mother.

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