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AMAZING: A Man Literally without A Heart is Still Alive!

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It was a miracle for Craig Lewis, 55, to be alive but was expected to give up by the doctors and even his family. The man from Texas was given a day to live and spend his last hours on Earth unless they will resort to the last option.

According to his wife Linda, the operation is too dangerous but they do not have a choice. ‘He wanted to live, and we didn’t want to lose him,’ she mentioned.

The procedure seemed uncomplicated. Doctors will install a device in exchange of his entire heart. The device does not beat normally just like the heart, instead, it rotates, spinning the blood through every vein of the body to maintain a non-stop flow. The method is very surprising but true.

Here is the video of the said operation:

After the surgery, Craig recovered faster than usual. He was even captured working on his laptop. After 5 weeks, he gave up because of liver and kidney failure. His family decided to switch the artificial heart off to give him a humanistic goodbye. ‘You never know how much time you have but it was worth it,’ Mrs. Lewis stated.

Share this amazing video and you might save one life. :)

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