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An Outcry to Forbid ABS-CBN in Hosting the Third Pilipinas Debate 2016 has been Viral Online!

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An online petition asking ABS-CBN network to be barred from hosting the third leg of Pilipinas Presidential Debate 2016 has garnered a lot of attention from netizens. Figo Cantos from Marikina, started the petition saying that the TV station is biased and tagged it as "LP Puppet."

As stated on “Due to their Obvious BIAS stand and track record of being an LP Puppet, let’s all join and make a stand to disqualify ABS-CBN on hosting the Nationwide Presidential Debate scheduled on them. Let it be moved to CNN Philippines instead.”

Online users supported the said outcry. It has garnered 42,932 signatures as of posting.

Cantos and the supporters accused the Kapamilya network of having an unfair prejudice for presidential candidates other than Mar Roxas. Many comments stated that the network will have a conflict of interest since Korina Sanchez, a news anchor in ABS-CBN, happened to be Roxas' wife.

Cantos cited: “Remember, Ms. Korina Sanchez is an institution sa ABS-CBN at asawa siya ni Mar Roxas [and she is Mar Roxas’ wife],”

Figo also mentioned that the network's loyalty is with the Aquino clan, specifically with the late Cory Aquino and President Noynoy Aquino. He said: “ABS CBN’s loyalty to the Aquinos is so entrench that they have lost all objectivity when the news purports to them. This Media outlet knows how to control the nationwide news.”

He ended the online appeal by proposing that if ever the request will not be granted, other presidential candidates (Poe, Binay, Duterte and Defensor-Santiago) should boycott the upcoming debate.

The said event will be held at the University of Pangasinan on April 24, to be hosted by ABS-CBN and Manila Bulletin.

This site is open for any statements from ABS-CBN and from other personalities and entities mentioned.

Are you in favor with this? Share your thoughts. :)

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