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Arrogant Policeman Captured Slapping a Civilian!

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A video of a man wearing a blue shirt with 'PULIS' at the back and believed to be a PNP logo on the sleeve was seen arguing with a motorcycle rider. Aside from the obvious rage from the man in blue, he is also seen beating the man wearing a helmet.

The man on the bike pulled over. The alleged cop went back to his vehicle and followed him. The person who took the video waited to catch the whole scene. However, the plate number of the car is quite unclear due to the video quality.

This short video is now trending on sites like Top Gear and Filipino Community. Netizens reacted and conveyed their anger over the misbehavior of the alleged policeman. Here are some of them:

“Police like this should not be allowed to wear uniform..he’s making other decent police officers look bad,” someone commented on the Top Gear.

While a Facebook user said: “This guy is a shame to every straight cop being paid less than they deserve. Whatever happened to protect and serve?”

Another user added: “This man should lose his job. This man should also be charged by the government for assault and abusing his position!”

This clip has thousands of shares on Top Gear and being commented by many angry users. The reason behind the commotion is not clear, but this site is open for any statements of the entities involved.

Watch the clip here:

What can you say about the scenario? Share them in the comment box. :)

Source: KickerDaily


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