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Burn to Send: A Story of Second Chance!

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Tin works in a bar as a waiter with his ex-girlfriend Goldie. One night, Goldie has to answer the call of duty that made her drunk. Tin took her home. At that moment, they were certain to leave everything behind as memories. Morning came and Goldie tried to ask Tin to test if they can still have a second chance. She just received a very lame answer.

Tin lives alone in a small apartment. He is not rich and just have enough to sustain his needs. However, he never forgets to send prayer money to his dad who passed away. He is just trying to save himself from regret.

Did he just burn the opportunities to send him away from the risks and danger?

This video might contain scenes which are not suitable for kids:

Making wrong decisions are unavoidable. But if you don't learn from your mistakes, you are digging your own grave. Lightning never strikes the same place twice. Sometimes you have to give everything before you can have another chance; worse is you can't have it anymore. Learn how to cherish every moment. Seize every chance that you have to say what you want, and do what you have to. Take some risks, if that's what you need to free your mind from regrets.

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