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CBCP Speaks Up About the Issue That Pope Francis Is Endorsing Duterte To Be The President Of The Philippines!

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Viral today in social media, a photo of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte together with Pope Francis with a saying that "I was amazed by the fact that a politician is aimed at the highest position could be this honest. It was a first encounter for me to see a politician being honest about his concerns for his country other than kissing my hands for the sole purpose of getting the support of the majority of the Catholic population. There's no need for an apology, I admire his honesty."

This statement is believed to state by Pope Francis. But CBCP immediately ends the rumors. Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines denied that the Pope is endorsing Duterte as president for the upcoming 2016 elections. 

"May we inform the public that the statement from the Pope is not true. It came from a satirical piece and is fake."- CBCP.

Image Credit: TNP
Source: TNP


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