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Controversial: Ahron Villena Erased his Photos with Kakai Bautista on Instagram?

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Netizens have gone wild when they noticed that photos of actor, Ahron Villena, and the Dental Diva, Kakai Bautista, have been erased from Villena's Instagram account. Followers questioned Ahron why the photos suddenly disappeared.
Screenshot from: Instagram
Some group pictures are still evidently posted on Villena's account. The two just had their Holy week vacation in Hongkong with a few common friends.

Screenshot from: Instagram
Apparently, Ahron and Kakai posted some meaningful photos in their respective social accounts.

The actor had a photo posted last March 30 with the caption: "Close some doors. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they no longer lead to somewhere else.”

Screenshot from: Instagram
While Kakai published this photo with the caption: “Try not to look back.
“Thank you Lord. Your Love is amazing, there is No Greater Love than yours. Your Way is my way, because your timing is perfect and it never fails.”

Screenshot from: Instagram
This might be a story of friendship that got worse after being sensationalized. No one knows the truth except Ahron and Kakai. We are sure the truth about their status and what really happened will come out in due time.

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Source: PEP / Instagram


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