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Controversial Fight Between Vivian Velez and Cristine Reyes!

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A long time actress Vivian Velez posted on her social media that she was resigning from her current project "Tubig at Langis"  after her fight with Co actress.

Vivian posted that it was her first time to be humiliated and disrespected by a coworker in the industry for four decades.

"With much trepidation, I would like to tender my immediate irrevocable resignation, effective immediately from the show, "Tubig at Langis". I have never been so upset and humiliated by an actress in my entire career spanning four decades". She posted on her Facebook account.

She was referring to actress Cristine Reyes.

"The straw that broke the camel's back was when we shared a designated standby room and she asked me to leave the room because she wants it only for her own. She bangs the doors, shouted at me. She keeps on singing "Goodbye, Farewell" in front of my face while we are rehearsing. She complained to the production staff why they are nice to me and she should be the priority all the time. And many other instances of rudeness that is uncalled for." Vivian added.

Source: CrackerDaily


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