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Controversial: James Reid's Former Girlfriend Reacts to Jadine Bashers?

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All netizens are going crazy about the statement of Ericka Villongco, James Reid's former girlfriend, which has been viral online and earning a lot of reactions. She posted a photo on Instagram about 5 days ago with a caption, “Celebrating this day last year with family tonight! I can truly say, genuine happiness is not where you are at that exact moment, but whatever you make of it. Last year of today was the biggest fight of them all. Today, I believe that miracles do happen and for that, I am stronger. Life is so good! Cheers #1st #rebirth.”

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This post earned negative comments from Jadine fans. Apparently, Ericka strongly replied by posting a public statement which reads:  “Making a public statement for everyone who continuously leave ridiculous comments on my social media accounts. Please, stop the hate. Ang pinagdadasal ko lang po, after a total of 6 years never ako nagalit/nagsalita. All I ask is that equal amount of respect I give to both James and Nadine because I genuinely wish them both nothing but happiness. Pls jadines, can’t I live my life in joy and peace as well?”

Nadine Lustre was tagged on her reply.

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Lustre also posted a response on her Twitter account.
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This issue is focused more on respect, with the past and the present. Whatever happened in the past must only be taken as an experience and no one should question that.

What can you say about Villongco's statement and Lustre's reply? Is it appropriate to exchange such statements via social media? Share your thoughts in the comment box. :)

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