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Controversial: A Very Rich Man Becomes Beggar for a Day!

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Some people are very judgmental. They can tell right away who you are by just looking at your physical appearance. We cannot deny the fact that sometimes we are criticizing someone by their looks without even knowing them well.

Josh Paler Lin, conducted a prank that he pretends to be a homeless man. He went to different kinds of restaurants and tried to check the menu and wanted to eat. But the waiters did not allow him even just to see the menu. One waiter also asked him if he has money to pay.

After one hour he went back to those restaurants wearing nice clothes and with his expensive car. The waiter went to him right away and opened the door of his car. Other restaurants also assisted him in checking the menu.

At the end of the prank he introduced himself and the waiters recognized that he was the beggar. Josh told the waiters that do not judge a person by the way they dress or how they look like.

Watch the video below to see what happened.

Source: JoshPalerLin


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