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How to Unclog Your Congested Nose in Just One Minute!

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Clogged nose can cause by a cold weather, dusty or dirty surrounding and can also be a caused of allergy. Having stuffy nose is very hard, especially in your working hours. You cannot focus on what you are doing because you can hardly breathe.

There are a lot of medicines in the market where can relieve stuffy nose. But you cannot escape from the bad side effects of these products. It is always best to do the natural ways.

Here are some tips on how to relieve stuffy nose in just one minute:
  • Pinched your clogged nose and walk fast while pinching your nose and your mouth should be close all the time. Make 20-30 steps.
  • Hold your breath while walking and take a sit with your spine straight and just focus on your breathe.
  • After you release your nose, resume with your usual breathing (not with deep breaths) and keep your mouth closed. Therefore, instead of taking a big exhale, especially the upper chest and other respiratory muscles.
  • Take another (smaller) inhale and relax again. With each inhalation, practice this reduced breathing while staying relaxed.
  • You need to maintain your hunger for air for about 2-3 minutes with total relaxation of the body muscles. The breathing can be often during this reduced breathing.
Watch this video to understand clearly how to unclog your nose.

Source: Wereblog


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