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IMPRESSIVE: Poorest President in the World is also The Richest!

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José Mujica, 80, was the president of Uruguay from 2010-2015. Despite this success, Mujica was named as the poorest president. In the span of his term, he donated 90% of his salary to the charities. The President doesn't even own a luxury car, but a 1987 Volkswagen Beetle. In 2010, the car's market value is $1,800. He was offered a car worth 1 million dollars, but refused by saying if he has that much money for the car, it will be donated to the program for the homeless that he supports.

After his term as a President, he chose to live on the farm that her wife owns. His pet is a three-legged dog named Manuela.

President Mujica is dubbed as the poorest president, but he is actually the richest based on his principles in life and words of wisdom. He believes that rich people who cannot relate to the real situation of the poor should not enter politics. He said, “We invented this thing called representative democracy, where we say the majority is who decides. So it seems to me that we (heads of state) should live like the majority and not like the minority.”

He also mentioned that wealthy people view the world on a different aspect. According to him, “They tend to view the world through their perspective, which is the perspective of money.”

“Even when operating with good intentions, the perspective they have of the world, of life, of their decisions, is informed by wealth. If we live in a world where the majority is supposed to govern, we have to try to root our perspective in that of the majority, not the minority,” he added.

Mujica reiterated that he is not against those who seek for money. But in his point of view, people who prioritize money are more suited in the industry and not in politics.

He said, “I’m not against people who have money, who like money, who go crazy for money. But in politics, we have to separate them. We have to run people who love money too much out of politics, they’re a danger in politics. People who love money should dedicate themselves to the industry, to commerce, to multiply wealth. But politics is the struggle for the happiness of all.”

This may serve a wake up call to corrupt government officials. We wish that your conscience is not callused and numb. Watch and share the video of Mujica's interview below if you still care for your country. :)

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