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Know What Your Girl Wants When Having Sexual Activity!

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Intimacy is one of the best foundations of a strong relationship. It is knowing someone very well. Sexual activity is a physical embodiment of intimacy of a loving relationship.

Human sexual activity is more than a physical act. It is something that only you and your partner share that you both feel warm and loved.

But did you know what are the things that make your girl upset with you when you two are in bed?

1. Setting The Environment Right
- It is very important that your setup will be more romantic because it adds sexual urge to your partner.

2. Doing Foreplay
- Never skip foreplay because women are more relax and comfortable with it.

3. Getting Hasty
- Avoid moving too fast or showing that you are in a hurry. Women feel violated with this act.

4. Ignoring Body Language
- Never ignore her body language when she is in the mood to make love.

5. Not too Quiet
- Women would love to hear your right amount of noise.

6. Listen
- Always listen to what she wants you to do to her and she will do the same to you.

7. She's Not Done when Your Done
- It doesn't mean that when you are done, she is done too. Be sensitive, and know her needs.

8. Not Understanding the Body
- Woman's body is very sensitive. They don't like it when you move harshly.

9. Zones and Spots
- Know your favorite spots for it will add excitement to your activity.

10. Trying to Do Many Things
- Women enjoyed being adventurous of men, but get irritated when too much.

11. Awkward Kissing
- It should be done passionately.

12. Women Parts of the Body are Different From Yours
- Never think that your body is same as your partner.

13. Being too Bossy
- You can tell her what you want without acting like a boss.

14. Forcing like and dislike
- Never force your girl to do the position you wanted to if she is not comfortable with it.

15. Communicate with Each Other
- It makes the intimacy more stronger.

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