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Know your Liver and Ways to Make it Healthy!

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The liver is one of the vital organs of our body. Its functions include detoxifying and metabolizing drugs, secreting bile in the intestines and making proteins essential for blood clotting. Because of these complex processes, it also becomes vulnerable, especially if abused. Being aware of the symptoms leading to liver disease is important. Early detection could salvage us from being on the terminal stage of liver ailment.

Here are important signs that we should give ample attention:

Irregular digestion
Anxiety and depression
Sleepiness or deep unresponsiveness and inactivity.
Persistent fatigue
Abnormal Weight increase
Chronic muscle and joint pain
Unusual headaches
Atypical acne and other skin conditions
Sudden hormonal imbalance

On the other hand, below are effective ways to maintain a healthy liver:

- Drink plenty of water.
- Take on organic food free from sodium.
- Maintain proper diet.
- Get rid of refined sugar.
- Take more food rich in dietary fiber.
- Limit the consumption of fructose to 20 grams per day.
- Lower down alcohol intake.
- Eat a lot of food rich in sulfur.

These are examples of food which are liver-friendly:

Artichoke - rich in fiber and anti-oxidants

Turmeric - effective in supporting the liver function

Milk Thistle - contains anti-inflammatory and antiviral substances that are good for the liver

Share this and you might save one life. :)

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