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Lifestyle Check on Rodrigo Duterte; Thumbs up for Many!

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Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is an underdog as seen in the initial surveys for presidential elections. He gradually gained the trust of the people as he becomes statistically tied with another candidate at the number one spot. What might be the reason for that? One is Duterte's persistence, the other might be his authenticity. For him, what you see is what you get.

A lot of his supporters gone wild when photos showing his simple lifestyle went out online. They became more solid and agreed to make the Mayor win the race.

Here are his photos:

It's not just about the over-sized shirt or the ancient model of mobile phone. It's more about being a model for a country that faces poverty. His ways can also be a sign that he is not a corrupt politician.

Campaign period has been heating up and every candidate is willing to do everything to win our votes. Along with the right to choose our leader, is the responsibility to vote wisely. :)

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Source: TNP


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  1. #Duterte2016-2022

  2. He is worthy of our votes. Once in a lifetime chance for us to have a candidate like him. No frills, what you see is what you get.*




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