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Man Files Annulment After Discovering His Wife Was Actually a Man After 19 Years!

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Relationship is a state of being related. It is a way where two people communicate and understand each other. Partners should always talk to each other to fix the problems that may arise. They should be open to one another as a respect with their relationship.

Keeping secrets and being untrue to your loved one is one of the biggest mistakes that you can do to your wife or husband. That was what happened to a couple in Belgium, where it ended up for a lifetime separation. 

A 64 year old man from Belgium filed an annulment case against his wife after the truth on his wife revealed. Jan married an Indonesian girl Monica. They got married in 1993 and brought his wife in Belgium. The process was not easy before he can bring the wife in his own land. But in the end the court allowed him to.

According to Jan, Monica is a very beautiful woman and no sign of being a man. They decided not to have children because Jan has already two children from the first marriage.

Monica got a full time job and gave her a lot of stress that changed her a lot. Jan's eldest son saw her going out in the disco bar. The husband also found some messages in the computer from other men. And there was rumor that Monica had a sex change that was being heard by his son.

Jan is having psychiatric treatment and he also started legal proceeding. He filed annulment to void the marriage. 

Source: SizzlingFeed


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