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MUST READ: Pinay OFW suffering in Saudi and Still being Held by Employers!

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Overseas Filipino Workers are considered to be new generation heroes. Because of some unavoidable reasons, they opt to leave the country to earn more abroad and provide a better life for their families. Unfortunately, not all OFW's experience happy ever after. We have seen different stories of workers who are being abused and go home in a tragic situation.

Photos of an OFW are viral now. Amira Landasan, from Pikit, North Cotabato posted her images on her Facebook account in a very awful situation. As seen on the photos, it seems that she underwent an operation on her stomach. Despite this, her employers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia wouldn't allow her to go home, because she still needs to pay for the cost of their vacation in Jordan. Below are photos of Landasan's devastating condition:

A screen-grab of her post asking help with some important details are also shown below.

I wish they had better options than being away. I wish they can be protected while earning abroad. I wish they can gain more attention from the government and be unharmed. I wish these wishes will not remain as is and change will come soon.

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Source: TredingNewsPortal


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