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MUST READ: Should Your Eggs be In or Out?

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Eggs are so sensitive. Extra care should be exerted for them not to be wasted. Great for breakfast and sandwiches, it is also prone to bacteria like salmonella. What is the most effective way to keep them from being contaminated?

There are countries like Australia, Japan and a few from Scandinavia or North America store their eggs outside of the fridge.

However, in some tropical countries, it is a habit for the eggs to be inside of the refrigerator. The question is, which is a better way to keep the eggs? In or out?

The National Public Radio has an answer for this question. They say that if the eggs are from the poultry or farm, there is no need to store it in a cool place. At room temperature is enough to keep its freshness and avoid bacteria to invade.

On the other hand, if you bought your eggs from the grocery, it has been stored differently, hence, keeping it refrigerated is a better way.

If ever you encountered an egg that stinks, most likely it has been exposed to bacteria. Dispose it immediately to avoid further issues. :)

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