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MUST READ: Sleeping Quarter is Like A Coffin!

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Here is another heart-breaking story of an OFW who is sacrificing just to support her family left in the Philippines.

"Pag may tiyaga, may nilaga" (Hard work has its rewards). This is one of the common sayings for Filipinos who are patient, in nature, in order to survive everyday living. It is also essential, especially to Filipinos who are working abroad. As seen in the story of an OFW, patience is very evident.

Sadly, patience abuses by some of the employers abroad. An article written by Laurel Chor was published last 2015 featured a photo of a Filipino domestic helper in Hong Kong, sent by herself to the Coconuts Hong Kong website.

The writer quoted some conversations in the article with the lady thru Facebook, that during her latest two years of service to the current employer. In fact, it was the first time she encountered such type of room in her eight years experience of employment in Hong Kong.

As reported, the room measures only 170 by 69 square centimeters with a partition made of wood on one side and is pushed against a concrete wall to each other. As the OFW described herself while sleeping on her quarter that looks like a cabinet bed, she is like sleeping in a coffin.

She added that her room is a very limited space where her bed lies and the rest is not part of her quarter. Also, beside her bed is a washing machine which resulted to a more confined one.

The Filipina said that she had no choice but to suffer the uncomfortable situation which includes back pains and having nightmares the time she sleeps.

She also said that she has to keep her job that is why she has to persist the pain. She wanted to stay anonymous, so she did not disclose her name to Coconuts Hong Kong.

Lately, there have been some discoveries of new and refined housing facilities in a specific area in Hong Kong showing extremely small space of the maid's room (as noted in the article), that even a single bed will not take in as the rooms are very small to occupy.

Inhumane treatment of some Filipinos abroad is very alarming that the government needs to seek more attention. OFWs just want to earn to uplift their lives that is why they leave the country and should not to be treated badly by others.

Source: SizzlingFeed


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