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MUST READ: Texting While Walking, not a Good Move for this Lady!

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Mobile phones are considered to be a necessity nowadays. With the birth of smartphones, the life of almost everyone has been changed. All applications and features of smartphones available on the market are meant to make our lives easier. However, when we forget about the limit and boundary of mobile phone use, it becomes a pain in the a*s.

The tragic experience of this Chinese girl is a lesson to learn for us. Her name was not disclosed, but the photo of her being stuck on a drainage cover has been viral online. The girl admitted that she was busy texting and did not notice the storm drain. As shown on the image below, her lower leg is set in between the grills.

Image Credit: BuzzFlare
The commotion caught the attention of the crowd who tried to help the lady. After 45 minutes, the firemen arrived to the scene and helped the girl remove her leg. The girl was not seriously injured and just needed first aid to treat her bruises.

Image Credit: BuzzFlare
In fairness to this lady, maybe she was just attending to an important message while in a hurry, when it happened. Who knows? But the urgency of that matter puts her safety at stake.

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Source: BuzzFlare


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