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MUST READ: Tragic Love Story of a Woman in coma for Eight Months!

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Lin Yingying, a 22-year old woman was very lucky to have his boyfriend, Lui Fenghe, 25, who never left her side in an awful situation. Lin suffered a head injury and was in a state of comatose.

Lui was admired by people and Chinese media because he really showed her love for this girlfriend while she was on the hospital bed. He served as a private nurse who patiently attended his girl's needs. He was actually identified as a model boyfriend by the media when he shouldered 200,000 yuan for Lin's hospital bills and treatments. People were witnesses to his undying love for his sick girlfriend.

Until after 8 months, when the lady woke up from a coma, a very unfortunate turn of events happened. The guy who acted as a hero was actually a villain. The girl's father confessed that Lui has been abusing his daughter physically for a long time. The real perpetrator of Lin's dreadful fate is his boyfriend himself. Lui attacked her with a rolling pin after serving him an overly toasted bread. Due to a severe head injury, she was hospitalized and was on the state of coma for 8 long months.

It was out of guilt that the man showed his concern for the poor lady. He should be thankful that at least it was not too late - such a sad story of love and lies. :(

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