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MUST SEE: A Couple's Shocking Display of Affection in the MRT!

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A video of this couple showing their intimate moments while on a train has been viral online. They didn't mind being in a public place and continued petting each other.

According to the person who taped the scene, they were in Taipei Metro Rail Transit when he noticed the couple. It seemed like they were in a motel and nearly having a sexual intercourse. He said that the two was not affected by the unfortunate incident happened on the same train when a man stabbed civilians about a month ago. He also mentioned that the couple might just be practicing their massaging techniques, or just heating up each other because of the cold weather. It might be an exaggeration, but their display of affection is really worse.

Watch the video below:

I completely agree with the voice over. This tendency is normal, but when it arrives, for God's sake, get a room! Share your thoughts in the comment box. :)

Source: TomoNews


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