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MUST SEE: Photos of a Woman Allegedly Abused by Her Employers go Viral!

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A Facebook user named Wahida Sesay Kulim shared these photos of a woman who seems to be suffering from severe burns on her body. According to the photo caption of Kulim, the lady was sleeping when her employer called her attention. She was not able to respond immediately, so her boss went to her room and poured boiling water onto her. Kulim also conveyed her empathy towards the poor woman.
Don't scroll down without typing ameennnnn.... :(
Posted by Wahida Sesay Kulim on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

In the comments below the images, some mentioned that the girl is an Indonesian. They also said that the burn is not because of boiling water, but an LPG explosion, and the employer of the woman has nothing to do with it.

Whatever the reason might be, this woman badly needs medical attention. Her family needs to be informed of her situation. Let's all share this post until it reaches the attention of the authorities or the family perhaps. :(

Source: Wahida Sesay Kulim 


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  1. LPG gas explosion will burn your eyelids eyebrows and front of your hair..this is the work arab woman who thinks she can do anything to a slave..




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