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MUST WATCH: Undressed Lady being Pranked by Her Boyfriend. Surprising Ending!

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Couples have their own way of making the relationship on fire. Some enjoy going out on road trips and out-of-town vacations. Others prefer being intimate and spending quality time in the metro or even in the comfort of their own flat.
This couple seen on the video has a very unique trip. The man in particular, has his own way of making the time with his love fun and worthwhile. Imagine the girl is undressed while her boyfriend carried out a crazy prank. What made it special is the eyes of the girl before the recording finishes.

Watch the video here:

I actually admired the girl because she did not overreact. You can clearly see in her eyes that she loves the guy though she is on a 'not so good' situation. :)

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Source: TodayInManila


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