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MUST WATCH: Video with an alleged Interview of President Marcos becomes a Prophecy of Today!

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A very terrible video fronting former President Ferdinand Marcos has been circulating online. It has a recording that allegedly belongs to him, stating that President Corazon Aquino should have continued the operations of then Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. Also heard from the recording that Aquino did not listen to Marcos' advise because she doesn't want people to remember anything from him. This video also claims that the recording was a prophetic message of what is happening in the Philippines now. After that, the video showed some scenarios which are presently happening and believed to be reflecting the current situation of the country. It involved awful topics of child abuse, greed for wealth, poverty driven crimes, and many existing problems

Watch the very alarming video here:

This digital media show a clear picture of what is happening in our state, which should everybody be involved. Not just the government, but every single Filipino must part of the change. This might also be a propaganda because of the much anticipated elections, since it criticizes just one party. But then again, the power to choose our leaders is in our hands. The future of this country should not just be blamed to one person. Unless, everything has been fabricated.

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Source: CrackerDaily

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