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Nadine Lustre Protects James Reid Against Accusation of Improper Behavior!

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Nadine Lustre guarded the image of her on-screen and real-life partner, James Reid against accusations of being not a gentleman. A photo was posted showing that Reid just let Lustre carry her things while they were strolling in a mall in Makati. The image was believed to be captured last Valentine's Day.

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These photos garnered negative comments from netizens as it conveys an improper behavior from James.

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During their press conference for their top rated show, On the Wings of Love, Reid admitted that they were in Rockwell last February 14, because he asked Nadine to go with him and buy computer games. He also shared that they had a plan to go on a dinner, but it was cancelled because the restaurant was fully booked.

Nadine also came in defense and said those comments and accusations are not true. She firmly answered: “'Yung mga gamit po na ganun, I really don’t mind kung ako yung magbibitbit. It’s okay.”

She also stated: "Kasi, number one, it’s really not heavy. Number two, kaya ko naman po. Even kapag may schedule, minsan wala akong PA (personal assistant), I carry my stuff, I drive, so parang it’s really nothing to me.”

Aside from that, Lustre also mentioned that Reid offered help, but it is really not necessary. She said: “He [offered to carry my things] but then, 'Ako na hahawak, it’s okay.' Sanay po kasi ako ng ganun. Even with my bag, parang hindi ko po talaga pinapabitbit sa iba,”

Nadine also posted some statements on her Twitter account:

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JaDine fans re-tweeted her posts to show support for the love team.

James Reid on his side, mentioned:  “She wanted all the bags, so I’m not going to fight her over that.”

Is it really a must for boys, bring the things of girls on a date? When can you say that men are cad? Women of this generation are really independent. There are some petty things that are a big deal to those who don't understand. What can you say about this issue?

Share your thoughts in the comment box. :)

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  1. Pro Sana mn LNG tinabihan nya c Nadine!jusko lord gwapo nga Hindi namn GENTLEMAN!!

  2. Independent lang tlga si Nadine at hindi pabebbe girl na tulad ng mga maarteng babae..




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