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Pacquiao is Not a Hero- According to One Netizen Bashing Pacman in Social Media!

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Manny Pacquiao, a Filipino boxer, he is very famous in the world because of his greatest fights when it comes to boxing.

Many Filipinos are idolizing Pacquiao not only because he is a good fighter in the ring, but also being a public servant. He is now the congressman of Sarangani Province, General Santos City. People of Sarangani love Pacquiao as he is giving the needs of his people.

But despite of what Pacquiao did for his country in terms of boxing and what he did for his people in Sarangani there are still some people who are not satisfied and criticize his works.

Like one Netizen who posted on his Facebook account saying that Pacquiao is just making money on all his fights. He should not be treated as a hero of the country because of it. He also stated that some people are not thinking if they are voting Pacquiao as senator.

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