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Pretty "Kwek Kwek" Girl goes Viral Online!

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Everybody has gone crazy with "Carrot Man," a handsome guy from the north whose photos were posted online. He went viral not only because of his looks, but also of his being an industrious man. After that, a lot of different images of men flooded the online scene. How about ladies? Check this woman counterpart below.

A girl from Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines is making her scene online. This beautiful girl was caught selling Kwek Kwek in the streets and busy accommodating the customers. Kwek Kwek is made of quail eggs coated with flour and orange food color.

Here is a photo of this hot and pretty Kwek Kwek Girl:

Image Credit: One Punch Lines / Facebook
This kind of gesture does not only focus on the appearance of the person, but on their contribution to the society. "Kwek Kwek Girl" is very focused in earning money for her family and doesn't mind selling on the streets. We are all amazed to you young lady. You are an inspiration to everyone. Kudos!

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Source: Rachfeed


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