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READ: Korean Lady Threw Thousands Worth of Bills on a Busy Street. Surprising Ending!

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What would you do if you see a 500 peso bill on the street and no one's claiming it? Are you going to pick it up? Well, if it's not owned by anybody, I guess you can get it. What if you see thousands worth of bills? I bet everyone will stop and rumble just to get more.

It was a different story in Korea. Anyone caught picking up an unattended money on the street will be punished with theft. That is the reason why when a certain woman threw a sack of bills on the street, not even a single person dived to get the money.

The worth is said to be $19,030 and the controversial incident happened in Downtown Square, Seoul Korea. The 56-year old lady said that she would rather give the money to strangers than to let her ex-husband have it. The intention was good, but the manner is just a little bit crazy. The ending was, the security officials picking up the bills to return it to the generous lady.

Here is the photo of the commotion:

Image Credit: The Korea Herald
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