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Must Watch: Simple Home Remedy in Removing Blackheads

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One of the most common issues of the skin is acne or pimples. It is a chronic inflammation of the skin wherein a kind of comedo and other factors trapping the pores. But before we think about pimples, it is important to know what causes them, right?

First, let's define some terms. Comedo is a clogged hair follicle (commonly known as pore). It is usually caused by skin debris (other factors mentioned above) combining with the oil and blocking the pores. If the comedo is open, it is called a whitehead, while blackhead is the term when it's closed. If the clogging gets infected, the inflammation starts to occur and the result is the growth of acne.

Since we already know that having acne starts with either whiteheads or blackheads, we need to know prevent them. This article would focus more on preventing blackheads, because we found very simple steps and techniques that you may apply in the comfort of your own home.

Here's what you need:

  • Saltmint toothpaste (salt is known for its anti-bacterial properties while toothpaste helps in opening and cleaning the pores)
  • Ice cubes
  • Spoon
  • A small bowl

The instructions are not rocket science:

1. Mix one tablespoon of salt and two tablespoons of mint toothpaste in the bowl. Stir it well until you reach the proper thickness of a paste.

2. Massage the paste on your nose gently. Leave it on for 5 minutes until it becomes dry.

3. With the help of water, rub your nose in circular motion.

4. Rinse it and dry.

5. To close the pores, massage it with ice. This will prevent unnecessary particles clogging your pores again. If your skin type is, dry, it is advisable to apply moisturizer after. Redness on your nose is normal in doing this measure, and it will apparently disappear.

Commonly, blackheads occur on your nose. However, you may apply the paste on other body parts where you have blackheads, since the ingredients are all natural and safe.

Here's a video to illustrate this very effective blackhead removal procedure:

Share this with your friends and help them achieve a pimple-free skin. :)

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