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SAD STORY: A Mother and Daughter Beating Each Other!

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A mother's love is the noblest here on Earth. Since the time we are being conceived, our moms have to be prepared to do everything for us. A baby is connected to the mother inside which is a symbol of her role. As years go by, the matriarchal role is to be a light, for us to be on the right track.

On that note, this video that has been viral online and making marks on the netizens is truly depressing. Two women, allegedly the mother and daughter, are seen on the ground and fighting like lions. Do you think this is acceptable?
You may watch the video here:

Mae e filha
Posted by Jhones Silva on Monday, August 11, 2014

They are believed to be Portuguese. The reason behind this commotion is not clear. People on the video are saying words in their native language, so their point is still vague. However, if they are really mother and daughter, the reason might be enough for the young lady to forget she is beating the person who became a channel for her to see the world. Relatively, the older woman might have enough conviction to forget her responsibility of taking care of her child no matter what.

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Source: TodayInManila


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