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Selling His own Daughter in Exchange for an iPhone!

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We cannot deny the fact that iPhones today are one of the best and highly expensive mobiles in the world. Aside from the very slim body of the phone, these mobiles have their special features were almost all of the people want to have it.

But can you imagine parents selling their newborn baby in order to purchase an iPhone?

Yes, a 19 year old guy sold his daughter to the buyer where he met only in Chinese Social Network QQ for only 23,000 yuan that is around $3,500, and bought an iPhone, according to the Chinese website Epoch Times. The mother of the baby that doesn't even bother her husband sold the baby.

The mother of the baby was adopted by her parents and a lot of people in her town are used to sell babies since they are not afforded to raise them.
A Duan, father of the baby was arrested and convicted a three year sentence while the mother is only two and a half year.

The baby is in the custody of the buyer's sister because the parents are in jail and they cannot afford to take care of the child.

Source: SizzlingFeed


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