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Shaving Hair on Private Parts May Lead to Serious Results!

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The body has its own line of defense. Aside from the immune system, there are the front liners found outside the body that filter out germs and viruses. The skin is the major protection outside. Hair is its outgrowth and plays an important role in the body.

Upon reaching puberty, the body starts to develop hair on the armpits and in the intimate area. It has been a usual norm, especially among women, to shave them considering fashion and hygiene. However, according to experts, shaving pubic hair is not actually hygienic but can cause severe medical conditions.

Watch the video and you will surely be surprised:

You might be surprised because shaving is very usual. But yes, it may give us HPV and other serious illnesses. So, share this awareness among your friends before it's too late. :)

Source: TNP


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