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SHOCKING: An 8-month Pregnant Woman Still Drinks Vodka!

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Pregnancy is very vital. The baby and the mother are helping each other in order to make delivery successful. The child depends to the mom when it comes to oxygen, food and even emotions. There is also a recent study conducted that revealed the role of a baby in the womb when the mother is in danger. According to the study, the fetus inside sends out stem cells to the woman's affected cell to regenerate. It is evident then that two parties need to work together as a team. But what could possibly happen if one didn't want to cooperate?

We have found a video of a woman who is in her 8-month of conceiving. It caused a sudden commotion to people because she is holding a bottle of vodka and drinking. 

You may watch the terrible video below:

It might just be a social experiment, but it conveys a very important message. A baby is a blessing no matter what the current situation of the mother or the father. The child should not be affected at all and he deserves to see the beauty of the world. Parents are solely responsible with that.

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Source: Viral4Real


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