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Shocking Video of A Baby Boy Fell Down From the 5th Floor of a Building!

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Remember the times when you are young and your parents are always there by your side? They make sure that you are safe, happy and get what you need. They are always there to support you all the way. That is how they show their unconditional love for their children.

But how did the grandmother of a baby boy take care of his child? Why the baby fell down from the 5th floor of one building in China?

One afternoon when Ms. Xu was relaxing in the first floor of the building, she heard the crying baby so she looked up and saw the baby on the balcony.

"I was just relaxing on the first floor when I heard a child's cry. I raised my head and saw a boy sitting on the fifth floor balcony with one leg stretched out over the edge," Ms. Xu said.

Ms. Xu ran quickly to her house to get quilting on her bed to catch the baby. The residents of Dongguan unite to save the baby.

While the policemen was trying to open the door on the balcony, the baby fell down to the cult of the residents. The baby was rushed to the hospital and good thing, he was fine and no fracture.

The grandmother thanked their neighbors and said to herself that she will take care of the baby very well. She was playing with the baby in the balcony when accidentally, the baby pushed her away and locked the door. The reason why the baby left alone and fell from there.

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