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Stunning footage of a 15-year old Lady being Attacked and Beaten by a Group of Girls!

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Chinese netizens are being alarmed with a short footage showing a 15-year old girl being harassed by a group of young women in Lingao, Hainan region, China. It began with a verbal exchange of rude words while the young girl is being kicked many times.

Then the next few scenes became worse when a pack of ladies attacked the poor young girl physically. The reason that fired the commotion is not clearly stated, but officials are now investigating.

A report from CCTV news said that this kind of scenario has been rampant for a number of years. A study conducted by the China Youth Research Center found out that  from 10 different areas, 32.5% of 5,864 has been a casualty of this terrible situation.

Bullying among teens and school-age has been an issue worldwide. This has great effects on how they cope up with real world experiences and it is usually negative. There are symptoms that a child is being bullied. Parents should be sensitive to that.

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Source: ViralXpress


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