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TERRIBLE: Images Showing Jesus Christ Made the Netizens Angry!

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It has been taught since school age about respect among religion and related matters. I can still remember during my primary years in school, I was advised to pay respect to each and every religion no matter what. Not just the entity that is being praised, but also the churches or temples, and all other things related to religion deserve due reverence. It is a very sensitive matter and could lead to an issue of discrimination.

Almost all of the netizens, especially Christians, are not happy with the images they saw on the Facebook page of AquienAguas - Noticias y Eventos (AquienWaters - News and Events). Ten photos displaying Jesus Christ is a subject of fun and jokes were posted on the said page last 25th of February, 4:22AM. The location of the post is Aguascalientes City, Mexico.

Here are the blasphemous images:

Facebook users are angered and posted their dismay to this kind of cruel act. Here are some of the comments:

"This is pure stupidity. Have some respect. Why would you use His image for fun? What do you want? Popularity? Well, guess what, you're now popular because of being a little sh*t and because of your stupidity you piece of sk*nk." This comment has 123 likes as of posting.

Another user said: "Puedes creer o no pero lo que puede sostener a una sociedad son Los valores como el respeto o la libertad de culto y por lo visto el administrador de esta página no se apega a ellos."(Facebook translation: Can you believe it or not, but what I can hold a society are the values such as respect or freedom of worship and apparently the administrator of this page does not attach himself to them). It garnered 181 likes and some replies as of posting.

Your belief might not be the same as the others, but that is not a sufficient reason to display and make everyone aware of your disagreement. It goes back to a very simple rule, respect begets respect. :)

The intention of the person who posted this is not clear, and this site is open for any statements.

For the readers, share your thoughts in the comment box.

Source: AquienAguas


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