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Terrible Story: A Man Abused his Girlfriend and Raped her 60-year old Mother after 2 days!

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A man from Ireland who's 45 years old is set to be charged with several cases after pleading guilty in abusing his girlfriend sexually, and raping her 60-year old mom. The man did it with 2 days interval.

Dublin Central Criminal Court
According to new reports, it all commenced when the suspect was not welcomed by his girlfriend's mother to their house. Instead, he headed to a different place with his girl and they had sex. The lady claimed that she was abused by his boyfriend who became extremely brutal and did not even stop until she vomited.

After 2 days, the girl received a voicemail from his man. She heard the voice of her 60-year old mother in the background, asking for help and the suspect deliberately frightening her. It was realized then that the man forcefully entered their house, tied up the old lady with gun belts, and brutally attacked and raped her for three hours while there's a knife pointed at her throat. He even threatened the mother that he would wait for her daughter to come home to kill her as well.

After hearing the voicemail, the daughter called the police to rescue her mom. The security officials went to their house and found the accused in the back garden. He was pepper sprayed after resisting to the commands of the authorities.

During the court hearing, the man pleaded guilty to raping two women. Furthermore, he is facing charges for false imprisonment, attempted rape, aggravated burglary, threatening to kill and aggravated sexual assault. :(

Source: Danified


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