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The Band or the Contestant? Another Mistake on It's Showtime 'Tawag ng Tanghalan'!

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Another controversial mistake was made on It's Showtime Tawag ng Tanghalan. Maricel Callo, one of the five semi-finalists, sang a Regine Velasquez' version of 'Sana Maulit Muli. This the contestants' 3rd day in a week long stretch in the semis. Callo started with a very soft and angelic voice that gave everyone goose bumps. Suddenly, when she was about to hit the climax, the music garbled while Maricel is hitting the high notes. One of the judges was seen pointing his fingers to the band, while the other was signaling the singer to carry on.

Here is the video of Maricel's performance:

As for the record, this is not the first time a mistake was committed on the said segment. Another finalist, Rachel Gabreza, muddled while singing her version of 'Come On In Out Of The Rain.' This made her lose the chance of being in the hall of fame with 8 consecutive days of winning, and was replaced by Jeremiah Tiangco as the defending champion.

Watch the battle between Jeremiah and Rachel here:

Gabreza was blamed for the mistake and some personalities came in to defend the band. According to many, the band is so experienced to commit such petty mistake. However, this time, who should be blamed? Remember this round is very important, as this is the key in order for the top 2 contestants be able to battle in the finals. A mediocre performance is not acceptable.

This site is open for statements of personalities and entities mentioned.

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Sources: ABS-CBN Entertainment / Youtube


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  1. something wrong with the band

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. no one should be blamed on what happened here, that's the essence of live performance .. but i'm not saying it is okay to make a mistake, syempre no.. as a musician yung tempo na ginamit sa una is unpredictable, kadalasan nangyayari iyon kapag ang kanta ay masyadong emotional ..REMEMBER when it comes to live performance singer is the leader of the band and instrumentalist will follow the singer or support it.. anyone knows that.. they are all pro. anyway.. even the singer..

    ewan ko anong nagyari sa bassist and drummer bakit hindi sila magkasundo.. nasanay yata na naka dipende sa metronome.. sa sitwasyong ito,,.. SINGER PA YUNG NAGBUHAT SA KANILA. yun ang Professional .. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION.

  4. sadyang magaling talaga si rachel, biruin mo, kahit ganun yung nangyari nadala at natapos niya parin yung kanta niya ng maayos at maganda .. so tanga naman ng banda para hindi nila alam yung tinutugtog nila para magkaganun , buti nalang talaga magaling si rachel , hindi siya nagpadala sa katangahan ng banda .. :P




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