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The Revenge of A Cheated Wife to Her Husband!

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Trust is one of the foundations of a good relationship. Once you have trust in your partner, you placed honesty, loyalty and respect at the center of your relationship. You are also expecting that your partner will keep promises and will stay with you even in the hardest time of your lives.

When you have trust, you can surpass the trials that you may encounter, especially in a long distance relationship. But once the relationship is struggling to trust and faithfulness it will just end up nothing.

That was what happened to an OFW who went abroad and left his wife and child in the Philippines while having an affair with another girl in Abu Dhabi.

The wife posted in social media the picture of her husband and his mistress and telling the public how his husband cheated on him.

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  1. The wife make things more complicated now, if a woman knows to be independent in providing the needs of her child she will opt out in doing this , a strong woman doesnt need to ask for sympathy if cheated by husband, instead find ways how to provide needs for her child ,begging someone to post your husband infidelity is a shame to both of u this matter it will never correct the mistake , it will ruin the marriage , everyone will be a loser, .. The greatest revenge is always a SUCCESS..




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