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Trending: The Wife of A Cheating Husband, Starve to Death by the Mother-In-Law!

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Marriage is very sacred. It is the foundation of the relationship of two loving couples. It is a vow where the woman submits herself to her husband and vice versa with the man.

A 25 year old, Tian Tian got married at a young age. She met her husband, way back 2009. And after a couple of years together, they got engaged. They got married and blessed with a child in 2010.

Several months after giving birth, the woman noticed that her husband changed. He always went out with his friends and with different women.

She cannot carry the burden anymore so she decided to tell it to her mother-in-law. After the mother of her husband heard her heartaches, her mother-in-law got mad. She punished her and doesn't allow her daughter-in-law to eat.

They decided to bring her in the hospital, but it's too late. The woman died after a couple of months.

Source: TNP


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