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TUTORIAL: How to Play the Hidden Game in Facebook Messenger?

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Everyone might be hooked up with this addictive game on Facebook Messenger. It is like basketball, but you have to play yourself. There is also a crazy catch, find out below and be amazed:

Step 1: You have to make sure that your Facebook Messenger is in its latest version. If not, go to the AppStore or Play Store then update/download the latest version.

Step 2: After having the updated version of the app, open it. Pull up a chatbox with any of your friends. Type in the 'ball' emoji and press 'send'. See image below for an illustration:

Image Credit:
Step 3: Tap the emoji you sent and the user interface where you can start playing will show. Check the image below:

Image Credit: ChronicleLeader
Step 4: Swipe the ball to the red line, which is the hoop. Every successful shot is equal to one point.

Step 5: Your point will accumulate as long as you keep up successful shooting. If ever you miss one, your point will be back to zero.

Step 7: Be mindful of the catch. In every 10 points you make, the level of difficulty becomes higher.

Step 6: Challenge your friends by sending them the 'ball' emoji.

This is surely the game that everyone will go crazy about. From what I know, this only works on mobile phones and tables. Try it and may the best shooter win!

Share this with your friends and make the best bonding. :)

Source: Metro


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