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UNBELIEVABLE: Ten Most Unusual but High-Paying Jobs?

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The problem of unemployment has been a shackle that the government is enduring through the years. Officials are making their efforts to partner with international investors to establish their businesses in the country, in order to create jobs. However, there are still millions who are unfortunate in finding a decent source of living.

One of the prevailing issues is job mismatch. According to experts, the academe should adjust certain subjects and curricula to produce a workforce that would fit the needs of the industry. How about having a job that doesn't require much of strict qualifications but can pay you like a boss? We have found a video that shows ten of the oddest but extravagantly paying jobs. 

You may watch the video below:

It is quite surprising that some of the occupations mentioned have a high satisfaction rate despite its nature and demand. It goes to show that aside from money, having a job requires commitment and persistence.

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  1. golf ball divers,water slide tester, bed tester

  2. Bed tester is the most easy job that was mentioned above.




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