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Video for The Week: A Father's Sacrifice for His Son

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As Christians celebrate the Holy Week, everyone is encouraged to remember what Jesus did on the cross. It is actually a message of sacrifice to save everyone. This video we saw online might not be equated to God, but it displays a message close to what we intend to mediate this week - unconditional love.

His father worked hard so he can finish school. Not a single opportunity to earn money his dad missed, until he was sent to college abroad. He was blind to what was happening way back home. He graduated and came back to see their house empty. Then, a very heart-melting ending happened. Watch the video below.

Prepare your tissue before hitting the play button:

There might be no way for us to repay our parents for what they gave up just to give us the brightest future. There are instances that they fall short, but still, no parent would cause harm to their children.

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