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VIRAL: Maxene Magalona's Scandalous Video, Fake or Confirmed?

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Either because of carelessness or technology loophole, a lot of celebrity scandals are widespread especially online. Some stars denied but a few bravely admitted their identity. This has great effects on how the involved personalities handle their career. A publicity, good or bad, is still a publicity that can put you at the center of the limelight.

One of the biggest names in showbiz now is Maxene Magalona. She is a daughter of the late Master Rapper, Francis Magalona. Maxene is facing a major blow in her career now because of an alleged video of her private moment, that is circulating online.

Netizens claim that the recording is not legitimate and was just uploaded by an alter account. However, the connection of the actress to the said scandalous video has yet to be confirmed.

Whether this is true or not, no one has the right to disgrace a person by any means. She might be used by a certain person for fame or money and that is completely unfair. If this is true, then it might be an honest mistake. 

The video should not be enjoyed by narrow-minded people. Respect begets respect. :)

We are open for any statements from the parties involved.

Source: ExtremeReaders


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