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VIRAL: A Powerbank Ended a Girl's Life While Asleep!

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Gadgets are one of the necessities the many of us couldn't afford losing. Mobile phones are not just a status symbol, but essential for communication and other needs. Along with this powerbanks also play a vital role. These are perfect for people who are on the go and want to always be on track. Except for a girl from Nigeria who was victimized by a powerbank.

Based on the reports of mymobnet, this young Nigerian lady was charging her powerbank and placed it on her chest while asleep. Apparently, the powerbank overheated and caused her skin to burn. She was then affected by enormous electric shock and died.

Her body was found lifeless in the morning by her parents. The powerbank was deeply plunged into the her chest. Terrible!

This is a lesson for us to always be cautious with the use of gadgets. They are very useful nowadays, but can also be a cause of destruction when abused. There should be boundaries in using technology.

What can you say about this sad story? Share them in the comment box. :(

Source: Wereblog


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