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VIRAL: S*x for Travel, a Deal for this Alluring Lady

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Visiting tourist spots and amazing places are very costly. From airfare, hotel accommodation and different taxes and fees, it is really a burden to our wallets. Some people set aside a portion of their monthly earning for their vacation.

A lot of promotions from different travel agencies offer cheaper cost but great deals. There are some who include everything in the package even the itinerary and tour guides at lower fees.

We have found a student in China who has a very unique offer. Ju Peng becomes viral on several social media sites because she is very much willing to offer a man one night, in exchange of him paying her travel expenses. According to the post, the lucky guy from her chosen travel destination can be her "temporary boyfriend," as long as he can pay all the girls' expenses in visiting the place. What a great deal, isn't it?

Aside from money, the girl also posted some qualities that she is looking for. These are as follows:
-30 years old
-1.75 meters high

You may watch for her video below:

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Source: DailyMail


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